Recommitment & BBQ Reservations Form

Please complete this form ONLY if either of these apply:
1. You have not yet raised your $360 fundraising commitment and would like to pay it yourself provided you don't raise it before the event (we will not charge your card until after the event - you can still fundraise until then)
2. You do not have a goal of at least $500 and would like to pay for your BBQ guests (if you plan on fundraising more, please adjust your goal to at least $500 and you do not need to fill out this form - please enter your guest names on your personal page).

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Recommitment Form

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BBQ Reservations

In order to properly prepare for our delicious BBQ after the ride, please fill out this form indicating how many guests you will be bringing along.  All riders are invited to partake free of charge.  In addition, for those of you who have raised a minimum of $500, your family can join you free of charge (up to 4 guests).  Otherwise, there will be a nominal fee of $10 per guest with a $50 max for your immediate family.

Please indicate the number of reservations you will need for the BBQ after party below:

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Credit Card Information

Please provide your credit card information below (this is a secure site).  In the event that you don't raise the required $360, you will be charged the balance of what is owed below $360 on the day of the event.
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