Bus Drop-off Permission

Children over the age of 10 are allowed off the bus without an adult present but only with expressed written consent. Children under 10 must be met by an adult, no exceptions.
If your child is over ten years old, please complete this form and let us know whether they can exit the bus without an adult present. 
Reminder, in the morning, the bus will wait only 3 minutes past the scheduled pickup time, and will not be able to go back for students who miss it.  Please be at your stop at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pickup time.  If you are late to pick up a student in the afternoon, we will make every attempt to contact you but will charge you $10 every minute after the 3rd lateness.
Please be sure to add bus@usdan.org to your email contacts so you receive your busing information and changes throughout the summer.
Do you allow your child/ren to get off the bus without an adult present? *
Please list the names and contact information of the people authorized to meet your child/ren at the bus. 

Signature of parent or guardian: By signing below, I (the parent or guardian) agree to the Authorization and Terms above.

If you are on a desktop computer, you can sign using a mouse or pen tablet. If you are on a mobile device, simply sign with your finger. *