Partners in the Arts

Partners in the Arts is a special program for Usdan students in grades 2 and 3 that supports their growing independence. Partners campers study a major, minor, and recreation just like older campers, but are escorted from class to class by counselors. Counselors are high school aged students in Usdan’s Leadership Institute for the Arts who are familiar with Usdan’s campus and programs. They’re chosen for their maturity and rapport with young campers. Partners in the Arts participants meet their counselors at the McKinley Amphitheater each morning of camp and then proceed to their classes together. The Partners in the Arts program helps young students feel comfortable and confident as they learn, make friends, and have fun.

Although campers in Partners in the Arts are assigned counselors, some prefer to be independent and go from class to class on their own or with their group of friends. All students are supervised by safety monitors, regardless of whether or not they have a counselor.

If your child prefers not to be accompanied by a counselor, you may opt out at any time. If you know this information now, please fill out this form.

Signature of parent or guardian: By signing below, I (the parent or guardian) agree to allow my child to be independent and not walk with a Partners in the Arts Counselor/Group.

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