United Way of Central Ohio
2019 Neighborhood Leadership Academy - Near East Side


PACT will begin Class III fo the Near East Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy in January 2020! 



Contact PACT at info@eastpact.org or 614.247.8037


Together with the community, PACT is dedicated to building upon the great legacy and history of Columbus’ Near East Side neighborhood to help strengthen and revitalize the community for the future. PACT’s vision is to create a healthy, financially, and environmentally sustainable community where residents have access to safe and affordable housing, quality healthcare and education, and employment opportunities. Our goals include ensuring lifelong learning through high quality cradle-to-college and adult education; promoting a variety of high-quality residential options; increasing the power of the neighborhood – human capital, real estate assets, and businesses – to capitalize on economic opportunities; promote a holistic culture of health and well-being; and distinguishing the community as a destination of choice.


The Near East Side Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is an expansion of the greater Columbus Neighborhood Leadership Academy initially launched by United Way of Central Ohio in 2012. The program is inspired by aspirations of building a diverse, opportunity-rich Near East Side community that bridges social spheres for a vital and inclusive community.

With an emphasis on Columbus’ Near East Side, this unique leadership program is designed to equip residents with the knowledge and tools to become agents of change.  Participants will aspire to make a positive impact in their neighborhoods by building upon existing assets of their community.

Learning opportunities will be designed such that participants benefit from a good balance of traditional, classroom-based learning with highly-engaging experiential learning opportunities including community tours and field trips.