United Way of Central Ohio
2019 Neighborhood Leadership Academy - Greater Linden


Application deadline: November 11, 2019


Application can be submitted via email to Jonnelle Harrison at jharrison@saintstephensch.org (subject line: 2019 Greater Linden Application) or online by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, October 30, or deliver to the St. Stephen’s Community House, 1500 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219



 Contact Jonnelle Harrison at jharrison@saintstephensch.org or
call 614.294.6347 Ext: 429


Greater Linden is a community dedicated to equitably shaping its dynamic neighborhoods and building a sense of pride and appreciation of assets among residents.

Greater Linden Neighborhood Leadership Academy will provide participants with the skills necessary to build and maintain relationships, establish and expand collaboration, plan strategically, and cultivate civic engagement.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will use what they have learned to achieve a flourishing neighborhood


The Greater Linden Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is an expansion of the greater Columbus Neighborhood Leadership Academy initially launched by United Way of Central Ohio in 2012. The program is inspired by aspirations of building a diverse, opportunity-rich Greater Linden community that bridges social spheres for a vital and inclusive North, South and East Linden.

With an emphasis on “Stronger Together,” this unique Linden leadership program is designed to equip residents with the network and knowledge to collaborate and tools to create change. Participants will aspire to make a positive impact in their neighborhoods by building upon existing assets of their community.

Learning opportunities will be designed such that participants benefit from a good balance of traditional, classroom-based learning with highly-engaging experiential learning opportunities including community tours and field trips.