United Way of Central Ohio
2019 Neighborhood Leadership Academy - Hilltop


Application deadline: August 23, 2019


Online applications are preferred. Please visit liveunitedcentralohio.org/hilltopnla
For assistance, please contact Jenna Wolfe at 614.276.8224 or Jenna.Wolfe@ymcacolumbus.org.


The Hilltop is a vibrant community, with rich diversity and a history of strong neighborhoods. Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is honored to support residents in developing effective skills for building neighborhood and local government relationships, and for designing innovative ways to enhance community engagement so everyone is invited to the community table.

Neighborhood Leadership graduates will use what they have learned to achieve transformative change in Hilltop communities. We seek participants who aspire toward a safe, opportunity-rich Hilltop that maximizes diversity, builds relationships, secures and advances current residents, all while maintaining the unique fabric of the community.


The Hilltop Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) is an expansion of the greater Columbus Neighborhood Leadership Academy hosted by United Way of Central Ohio. The program is inspired by aspirations of building a diverse, opportunity-rich Hilltop community that bridges social spheres for a vital and inclusive community. With an emphasis on Columbus’ Hilltop, this unique leadership program is designed to equip residents with the knowledge and tools to become agents of change.

The Hilltop Community Plan, launched by the Department of Neighborhoods, is a report by Hilltop residents that identifies community challenges and proposes solutions. The Hilltop NLA curriculum will align with the plan.

Learning opportunities will be designed so participants can benefit from a good balance of both traditional, classroombased learning and highly engaging experiential learning opportunities, including community tours and field trips.