Credit Card Information

Your credit card infomation is required to place a deposit or initial payment towards the balance of your vacation. Your information will be securely filed and will be used to apply partial or full payments towards the balance on your account. ALL charges to your card will be discussed with you and require your approval prior to being processed. 
 By submitting the information below, you accept that Travel by Beth, its travel suppliers, and its employees are acting fully upon your direction and that you will not hold them responsible for acts beyond their immediate control as it relates to any charge and will make payment according to the terms of your agreement with the credit card company.
American Express
A Debit Card often has transaction or daily spending limits
that require you to contact your bank to pre-approve the
transaction or it will automtically be declined.  


By clicking "Submit" below, you are authorizing Travel by Beth to begin or continue the booking process of your vacation. Deposits and/or initial payments to your vacation will be required to solidify your reservation. All payments towards your vacation will be discussed with you PRIOR to charging your card. An agent will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your payment arrangements.
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