2018 CDH COMMUTER Registration Form

December 26-31 - Lakeview Resort, Morgantown, WV
Gender (this event is not gender balanced) *
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Commuter Rates - (DANCE ONLY - no lodging, meals, or use of resort facilities)
Note that the $40 entire day of dance includes the morning, afternoon, and evening dances and daily concert!!!
The morning dance price includes the morning pre-dance workshop, concert, etc. (9am-12:30pm CDH activities)
The afternoon dance price includes the afternoon concert (1:30-5:30pm CDH activities)
The evening dance price includes the evening waltz and concert at 7pm and the late-nite dance (7pm-1:30am)

Youth prices (ages 6-21) are $5-morning session; $5-afternoon session; $10 -evening session

Check all of the dances that you plan to attend:

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