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Are you over 18 years of age (or will turn 18 years old during the academic year?) *
If you are over 18 years of age, are you Virtus Trained and have you been keeping up on your bulletins? *
Do you have any Catechist Certifications through the Diocese of Cleveland or have you taken any college Theology Classes? *

Emergency Contact Information

If you have a medical emergency and we need to contact a person,
please provide the information below as well as contact information that will be most effective.

Programs for which you are a Catechist

Programs for which you are a Catechist. Please check all that apply to you. Thank you for your ministry in these areas. *

In what ways would you like to help in our programs

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Tuition Cost

Tuition for the school year
Please indicate the number of children listed on this form and who will be enrolled in St. Rita PSR programs. If you do not have children attending, just skip this.

Hold Harmless

1.  I assume all risks and responsibility in connection with this activity for myself and my family members. I further release the Bishop of Cleveland, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, St. Rita Parish and Pastoral Staff, employees and volunteers from all claims, judgments and liabilities for any injury or damage my child or his/her estate, myself or my spouse ever had or may have due to participation in this activity, including all risks foreseen or unforeseen. I fully understand what is involved in this activity, and that I have the opportunity to call Deacon Bob Grgic to discuss this activity with them.

2.  In the event that reasonable attempts to contact the emergency contact person at the phone numbers given on this registration are unsuccessful, I herby give my consent for administration of any medical treatment deemed necessary on myself or family members registered on this form by emergency medical personnel.

3.  Furthermore, I hereby consent and authorize the release, publication, distribution and/or reproduction of all photographs taken of myself or family members during this activity.
Acceptance of Terms *
If you have children enrolled in any Faith Formation Program and you are a Catechist, there is no fee for them.

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