Ruff Rehab, Inc. Adoption Application and Contract READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE FILLING OUT.

Adoption Application and Contract

Congratulations for wanting to adopt a pet in need. Please Note:

1) We reserve the right to perform a home visit

2) We reserve the right to approve or deny any adoption for any reason and the right to not disclose the reason

3) You must be at least 21 years of age to apply, if you live at home parent must do application 

4) The application is good for 1 year from the approval date

5) We offer no guarantee on breed, health, mental disposition on any adopted pets. 

6) Once adoption is complete there are NO REFUNDS for any reason. You are responsible for the new pet in its entirety.



When answer choices are offered, please check all that apply. Please be as specific as you can.


Any item marked with a red asterik (*) is REQUIRED.

Your Information

General Terms & Conditions

Please check the box next to each of the following Terms and Conditions to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree with the item: *

1. Give the Adopter title to, possession and control of the dog as described: For so long as the ADOPTER complies with the terms of this contract.
2. Provide ADOPTER with any and all veterinary records available for dog along with current medications.
3. RESCUER acknowledges receipt from ADOPTER of a donation as noted below to aid with reimbursement of expenses incurred to consider dog for adoption.

More about the Household

The Formalities

Vet and Personal References

Please notify your references that we will be calling, many references require permission from the applicant to release information

Pet Ownership History

Puppy Adoption Care Agreement

Note:  This section ONLY applies to those adopting puppies!  Please skip this section if you are adopting an adult animal.
To ensure the best interest in the optimal healthcare for your new puppy, we at Ruff Rehab Inc. mandate the adopter read, understand and initial/sign in agreement to the statements below. These statements are strict guidelines for you the adopter to adhere to until after your new puppy has had its 4th round of shots, which have been clearly identified in the following timeline statements:
Puppy Adoption Agreement Addendum *


Sign Here: *

 Thank you for adopting from Ruff Rehab Inc.

Your puppy’s best health care is in YOUR hands.

To get help...

Ruff Rehab Veterinarians:

Animal Care Center of New Jersey: 973-835-3733- Open 7 Days a Week- Evening hours Mon-Fri: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm


After Hours Emergencies:

All Creatures Great and Small Hospital- 973-227-7789


Ruff Rehab is a non-profit, 501c3, no-kill animal rescue/foster/adoption group

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