SSE-PA Breakthroughs 2022 - Submission Form

Complete this form to submit your proposal as a formal abstract for the online meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration & the Parapsychological Association. Use the template for your submission (link available below) and select the desired length for your presentation. The actual length of your presentation will be determined by the program committee at a later date.
Your submission requires a short biography, a photo, and an abstract (max 750 words using the template).  You must also download and sign an AV Consent form and provide information for promotion and marketing purposes.  Click on the lnks to download or see the fields near the bottom of the form for links to the templates. More information will be provided by the program committee.
If accepted, you are likely to be required to create a video of your presentation before the conference. More information about the process of creating a video will be provided for submissions that are approved by the program committee.
All submissions are due by April 15, 2022. You will be informed of the status of your submission no later than May 24, 2022.

Abstracts must be MS-Word compatible. (doc; docx format)
Full Submission: 500 - 1200 words
Brief Video Submission: 300 - 500 words

Requested length for presentation (not including Q&A). The actual length will be determined by the program committee. *
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I agree to record a video of my talk before the event at the request and assistance of the program committee. NOTE: If you do not agree, it may affect your ability to present at the conference. *