City of Grand Rapids - Water Department

Application for Commercial Hydrant Connection Permit

Metered Hydrant Connection Fee Schedule
Permit Fee: $300
Refundable Security Deposit: $500
Weekly Rate: $25
Commodity Charge: $1.92 HCF

Grand Rapids Water System - Hydrant Use Affidavit 

Hydrant Connections issued by the Water System shall be used in accordance with the Grand Rapids Water System Rules and Regulations and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Cross Connection Rules.

 The undersigned agrees to use the issued connection in conjunction with an approved air gap. The supply pipe must be located above the flood level rim of the receptacle by distance equal to or greater than twice the diameter of the supply pipe. 

If an approved air gap cannot be achieved, the undersigned agrees to provide a Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer (RPPBP) to be connected immediately downstream of the hydrant connection and comply with the following criteria: 

  1. Prior to using the hydrant connection, the Grand Rapids Water System shall be provided with a copy of a satisfactory test report for the RPPBP for the current year. The test shall be completed by an individual who has obtained a “Certificate of Award” from the Michigan Plumbing Board to test backflow prevention devices
  2. The connection between the RPPBP and the issued hydrant connection shall be made by using a flexible hose supplied by the customer.
  3. The RPPBP shall be supported or mounted at least 12 inches above grade. 

See the reversed side of this affidavit for information regarding approved air gaps or RPPBP installation. For further assistance, contact Cross Connection Control at (616) 456-4170.

Failure to comply with the provisions set forth may result in confiscation of the hydrant connection, up to a $500.00 fine and loss of privileges as deemed necessary by the Water System Manager. Future connections