GRFD Strategic Plan - Community Stakeholder Survey

Before completing the survey, please take an opportunity to review the 2020 GRFD Annual Report or the
2020 GRFD Annual Report Presentation for Public Safety. Both reports are available on the Grand Rapids Fire Department website.
Emergency Response Expectations
Response time is measured from the time a call is answered at the dispatch center, until one of our crews arrives at the incident. The Grand Rapids Fire Department’s response time goal is 7:30 for EMS calls, and 7:00 for all other emergency responses. In the future, if you need to call 9-1-1 for an emergency (Fire or Medical); from the time of the phone call, how soon would you expect our personnel to arrive on the scene? *
General Questions
Respondent Demographics
Are you a resident/business owner/student? Check all that apply *
Have you had a prior interaction with the Grand Rapids Fire Department? *
What type of interaction did you have? *
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