Graduate Housing Interest List

If you are a graduate student interested in living in housing, please complete the below form. NDNU provides traditional undergraduates priority for on-campus residency. We will attempt to accommodate graduate students interested in housing  on a space available basis. By placing yourself on this interest list, you understand that housing accommodations likely will not be available for the start of the semester. We will not review this list until AFTER the beginning of the semester when all other traditional students have been accomodated, and will only contact you as space becomes available throughout the semester.  
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Part I: Demographics
Date of Birth:

Part II: Room Type Selection
Please select your specific room preference below. You may select from a single room (New Hall) or triple room (Apartments). Please know we will do our best to accommodate your request, however, we have a limited number of rooms. If you need a single room for medical reasons, please email

Housing Charges (per semester)
Triple Room in apartment $4,444.00
Single Room in New Hall $4,545.00

Part III: Meal Plan Selection
Meal Plan Charges:
Meal Plan #1: 11 Meals per week ($400 flex) $2,030
Meal Plan #2: 15 Meals per week ($300 flex) $2,137
Meal Plan #3: 19 Meals per week ($200 flex) $2,201
Meal Plan #4: 7 Meals per week ($100 flex) (Apartments Only) $1327

Part VI: Contact Information

Part VII: Additional Information


By submitting below I recognize the following:

  1. I accept and agree to abide by the 2013-2014 housing license, if placed in housing, available here.
  2. I accept and agree to abide by the policies and procedures that can be found in the NDNU Student Handbook, which is made available to students at the following link:
* Indicates Response Required