Art Therapy PhD. Program - Housing Application

This is the Summer Housing Application for Art Therapy PhD students at Notre Dame de Namur University only. If you are a new freshman, upperclassman, transfer or graduate student in other programs, please select the appropriate form here.
The Department of Student Life and Leadership requests that you complete the following application to apply for summer housing. Please select the weeks you wish to live on campus below. All students are billed prior to their arrival on campus. New arrivals can check in on Sunday, June 8th, after 12:00pm and during normal business hours thereafter. Students only staying during the second week may check in on Sunday, June 15, after 12:00pm. Students must check out by Saturday, June 14 or June 22, prior to 12:00pm, depending on the length of their stay. If you are seeking any kind of medical accomodation, please email for more information regarding this process.
All payment arrangments must be made with the business office, prior to arrival.
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