CarePatrol Home Safety Assessment

Please complete the assessment below.  You will receive your overall safety score by email after click submit.
All stairways are clear of objects that could cause a fall. *
All stairways have firmly anchored handrails. *
All throw rugs are flat to the floor with all corners taped down and not moveable. *
Night lights are used throughout the home (bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms) *
All walks, porches and doorways are clear of obstacles. *
Bathtubs and showers have non-skid strips or suction mats in them. *
Grab bars are installed in bath tubs and showers. *
Electrical cords and telephone cords are placed out of high-traffic areas. *
All stairways are well-lit. *
Frequently used kitchen items are kept on lower shelves. *

Thank you for taking CarePatrol's Home Safety Assessment