Rivalry and Realignment

Principal Investigator:  Cody T. Havard, Ph.D.

Study Title:  Investigating the Impact of Conference Realignment on Rivalry in Intercollegiate Athletics

Institution: The University of Memphis

The following information is provided to inform you about the research project and your participation in it.  Please read this form carefully and feel free to ask any questions you may have about this study and the information given below.  You will be given an opportunity to ask questions, and your questions will be answered.  Also, you will be given a copy of this consent form. 

Your participation in this research study is voluntary.  You are also free to withdraw from this study at any time.  In the event new information becomes available that may affect the risks or benefits associated with this research study or your willingness to participate in it, you will be notified so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to continue your participation in this study.   

For additional information about giving consent or your rights as a participant in this study, please feel free to contact the IRB at 901-678-2533 or email irb@memphis.edu.

  1. Purpose of the study:  You are being asked to participate in a research study because we are investigating how realignment impacts the rivalries teams share in intercollegiate athletics.  Specifically, you are a fan of a team that has recently or will be joining a new conference in the near future.
  1. Description of procedures to be followed and approximate duration of the study:  You will be asked to complete questions regarding your consumption habits toward your favorite team.  You will then be asked to identify which team you consider to be your favorite team’s biggest or most important rival in the conference your favorite team currently plays in, and answer questions regarding the identified rival team.  You will also be asked to identify which team you consider  will be your favorite team’s biggest or most important rival in the conference you favorite team will be joining and answer questions regarding that rival team.  This online survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. 
  1. Expected costs:  There are no costs associated with participation in this study.
  1. Description of the discomforts, inconveniences, and/or risks that can be reasonably expected as a result of participation in this study:  There are no anticipated risks involved in this study outside of that found in daily activity.
  1. Compensation in case of study-related injury:   U of M does not have a fund set aside for compensation in the case of study related injury.
  1. Anticipated benefits from this study: a) The potential benefits to science and humankind that may result from this study are furthering the understanding of rivalry in sport and fan perceptions toward favorite team’s rival.    b) The potential benefits to you from this study are learning more about the teams you identify as your favorite team’s rival and an ability to respond to how you feel conference realignment will impact those rivalries.   
  1. Alternative treatments available:  Your participation in this study is strictly voluntary.
  1. Compensation for participation:  You will be given the opportunity to enter for a chance to win a raffle at the conclusion of the survey. 
  1. Circumstances under which the Principal Investigator may withdraw you from study participation:  Your responses will not be used in the study if you do not finish the majority of the survey. 
  1. What happens if you choose to withdraw from study participation.  If you choose to withdraw from the study, please notify the investigator, and your data will not be used. 
  1. Contact Information.    If you should have any questions about this research study or possible injury, please feel free to contact Cody T. Havard, Ph.D. at (901) 678-5011.  Questions regarding the research subjects’ rights, the Chair of the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects should be contacted at 901-678-2533.
  1. Confidentiality. All efforts, within the limits allowed by law, will be made to keep the personal information in your research record private but total privacy cannot be promised.  Your information may be shared with U of M or the government, such as the University of Memphis University Institutional Review Board, Federal Government Office for Human Research Protections, if you or someone else is in danger or if we are required to do so by law.

            I have read this informed consent document.  I understand each part of the document, and I freely and voluntarily choose to participate in this study.   By indicating that you are 18 years of age, you agree to participate in the survey and have your responses used for academic and technical purposes.


Are you at least 18 years of age? *
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