Minor Renovation/Change Review Application 

This application is for new work on existing homes or design changes during construction. The location of any change should be indicated with a revision cloud on the same page as the originally approved drawings and/or site plan. For further clarification please see the minor renovations section of the Design Guidelines.

There are 2 categories for Minor Renovations:

Category I:
Additions of less than 250 unheated sq. ft., landscaping changes and other changes not categorized.

Category II:
Replacement of an existing feature, e.g., garage door, front door, single window, etc. or decorative item.


A complete submission for review of the proposed renovations must contain:

  • Completed Minor Renovation Application (confirmed submission once this form is completed)
  • Site plan, elevations and detailed drawings of proposed renovations with red cloud revision to show change-to scale (one scaled, full-size printed copy and one 11" x 17" printed copy.)
  • The ARC may require an up-to-date site plan or “As Built” survey
  • Photo of existing elevation
  • Paint/Color and material (if changing, samples and chips are required)
  • Review fee (Category 1: $300, Category 2: $200)

Physical copies of the plans and checks for fees may be mailed to or dropped off at Bald Head Association, ARC Department (mail to: PO Box 3030, Bald Head Island, NC 28461 or drop off at: 111 Lighthouse Wynd, Bald Head Island, NC 28461).

For any questions regarding submittals, contact the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Department at Chris@BaldHeadAssociation.com or 910-457-4676, ext. 23.

*Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Please choose a Minor Renovation category: *
Is this application in response to a violation? *
If "Yes," what violation type?

Minor Renovation/Change Questionnaire

1.) Are the proposed changes consistent with the current Architectural Design Guidelines and related protective Covenants? *
2.) Will the proposed changes impact existing vegetation? *
3.) Type of Lot: *
Required Setbacks:
6.) Do the proposed changes affect the percentage of covered porch or the 50% rule calculation? (if on or in front of dune ridge) *
7.) Are any variances from Architectural Review Committee requirements being requested under this application? *
If yes, please attach a letter of explanation.
8.) The submittal includes one physical full-size scaled printed copy, one 11” x 17” printed copy? *
9.) Do the proposed changes impact the required sightline setback calculations for oceanfront properties? *
(If the answer is yes, an updated ‘As Built’ survey must accompany the submittal to assure compliance with the sightline requirements)
10.) If this property falls under the restrictions of a neighborhood sub-association, has the required letter/notification from that association, granting approval of the proposed changes been included in the submittal to the ARC? *
11.) Does any portion of the proposed construction work involve work on property owned in whole or part by any person or entity other than the applicant property owner (i.e., an access easement to the ocean for which the walkway or structure is owned jointly with an adjacent owner or otherwise) *
12.) If the answer to question 11. is “yes”, do you understand the written consent to the plans or any such construction work shall be required from that adjacent owner or other appropriate person before the ARC shall consider approval of any such work and it is the obligation of the Property Owner to obtain such written consent from the adjacent owner or other appropriate person and provide it to the ARC.
To the best of my knowledge, the foregoing statements are true. *
Please attach the required documents for a complete, compiled PDF
  1. Survey (if applicable)
  2. Site plan, elevations and detailed drawings of proposed renovations with red cloud revision to show change-to scale
  3. Paint/Color and material (if changing, samples and chips are required)
  4. Photo of existing elevation

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