Demolition Review Application
This application is for the purpose of a demolition of a home. As the official on-site designee of the property owner, the contractor accepts responsibility for maintaining the approved site management plan throughout the demolition process. The ARC Coordinator is granted on site permission and will make site inspections periodically throughout the process to ensure compliance with the ARC approved site management plan. The ARC Coordinator may authorize minor adjustments to the approved site management plan; major changes require resubmittal to the ARC for approval.

Damages may be assessed and fines imposed of up to $100 per day per violation for noncompliance. These fines are authorized by the Amended Covenants of the Bald Head Association and the Planned Community Act Chapter 47F of the NC General Statutes. They become effective five days after the Bald Head Association Board’s approval of the recommendations. The review fee for a demolition is $300.
For any questions regarding submittals, contact the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Department at or 910-457-4676, ext. 23.
*Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

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The completed demolition review application must include the following:
1.) Verify that a new construction project has ARC approval and a Village issued permit for rebuilding the main structure on this site. *
2.) If a new construction project is not currently ARC approved and/or Village building permit for the approved project has not been issued for this site, a landscape restoration plan is required. *
3.) Do you have a copy of the proposed site plan including debris management plan? *
4.) I have included the planned protection of existing vegetation. The ARC Coordinator will determine if tree/vegetation protection is required before demolition begins. *
5.) Limits of demolition fencing are required. A forest lot requires the use of 36” high black silt fencing, and a non-forest lot requires the use of 48” high wooden sand fencing. *
To the best of my knowledge, the foregoing statements are true. *

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