Plant Material Change Architectural Review Application
This application is for vegetation changes on existing homes or changes made during construction. There is no review fee for this application submittal. For any questions regarding submittals, contact the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Department at or 910-457-4676, ext. 23.

NOTE: If you are planning to add or change hardscape (decking, pavers, gravel, lighting, etc.) in addition to softscape (plants, trees, shrubs, etc.), fill out a "Minor Change" application and include a $300 review fee. Include both hardscape and softscape specifics. A separate "Plant Material" application is not needed.

For guidance, see Landscape Design Guidelines. It is required that a minimum of 70% of the new plant material be native to BHI. The use of NC native plant material is limited to 20%, and up to 10% of the plant material may be non-native. Percentages are calculated by adding up the total number of gallons per plant. Only newly proposed plantings are calculated in these percentages; existing plants are not included.
*Items with an asterisk (*) are required.

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