Conquer Addiction's Excellence in Treatment Application -- September 2023

Thank you for applying for Conquer Addiction's Excellence in Treatment award.  Complete award rules are available at  In addition to applying for the Excellence in Treatment awards, the judges will assign your treatment center a 1- to 5-star rating for Conquer Addiction's database, which may be used to promote your center on the Conquer Addiction database if you desire.
To be eligible for a success rating, this application must be completed in full and you will be asked to certify that the data you've submitted is 100% accurate.  Our panel of judges will review each entry and may request additional information.  If such requests are made, your entry will be deemed to be incomplete until any such additional information is received and the judges have accepted it. 
Thank you for being a leader in the field of addiction treatment by recognizing the importance of tracking your outcomes!
Joanna L. Conti, President
Conquer Addiction, Inc.