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General Information

Event booking is subject to dates and times that Common Grounds has available. Before requesting your date, please check our show calender here. Please note: while we are accomodating to last minute rental requests, orders placed after business hours on Friday will not be seen until Monday. 

Event Information

Common Grounds encourages the betterment and support of both our hometown society and the world; to show our support of this, the backyard fee is waived for events up to two hours long. This donation applies only to events that are donating all of their profits to a benefit cause. Please select the duration of your event that you will need donated. *
Will there be live music at your event? *
Please note: weeknight events must begin no later than 7:00pm, and weekend night events must begin no later than 8:00pm. Common Grounds holds to a sound curfew at 10:00pm on weeknights, and 11:00pm on weekends. Organizations must pay the fee for use of the Common Grounds sound system and sound personnel. *
Will there be a cost for entry for your event? *
Your rental includes the on-site presence of the Venue Manager to oversee the event. Do you need additional employees or servers? *
Is your organization tax-exempt? *

What space would you like to rent? *
What is the total duration of your event in The Backyard? *
What is the total duration of your event in the Side Patio? *
Do you anticipate needing to move furniture or rearrange our space for your event? *
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Rental Add-Ons

Would you like to rent our sound system? *

Would you like to rent a projector and screen? *
Please keep in mind: 1. The screen is available for backyard rentals only. 2. Projection is only visible for night time events, as the screen is not visible during the day time. 3. Projection on our screen is not optimal for use in conjunction with a live music performance, as the¬†screen comes down at the very front of the stage. *

Venue Catering

Will you be bringing outside food for your event? *
Will you be placing a catering order for your event? *

Gratuity Options

Would you like to leave a tip for the venue staff?
Estimated total:
This is an estimated total. Other charges may apply.


Agreement to Terms

Common Grounds (hereafter referred to as CG) exists to provide a communal environment in the context of a high quality coffee experience. We strive to provide this experience through our rentals and events as well. To ensure you have the best experience at your event, we ask that you read through our Terms & Conditions so we can continue to provide a quality product and experience to everyone.

What CG agrees to:

1) Provide a quality experience and space for your event.

2) Provide a clean space and properly working equipment for your event.

3) Provide a friendly staff ready to assist in setting up, overseeing, and cleaning up your event.

4) Communicate effectively and respectfully about your rental details.

5) Common Grounds is not responsible for providing a rain plan for your event. However, CG is happy to: move the date or time of the event (with sufficient notice), move location of event to our Side Patio (depending on party size), and/or assist in the renting of tents (with 3 days notice). If you must cancel your event due to rain, we will refund your rental 100% up to 24 hours before your rental. Partial refund is available depending on costs Common Grounds has incurred for event. If rental is cancelled while it is being set up for, the client can be charged from 75-100% of total cost CG has incurred (same policy applies for Catering orders). Circumstances are usually handled on a case-by-case basis, but will generally be handled based on these guidelines.

6) We agree to secure your personal information - including credit card info.

7) Common Grounds reserves the right to move your event date if it is needed to book a touring musical artist. 

What the client agrees to:

1) Common Grounds is not liable for any damage done to personal items while renting our space.

2) We ask that our space is treated with respect. Standing on tables and furniture is prohibitted.  If you need instruction on rearranging furniture, opening locked doors, or installing decorations it is your responsibility to ask. If equipment or furniture is damaged by client, clients may be charged for damages.

3) Any recorded or live music must be family-friendly and not include any crude or harsh language.

4. No outside drinks are permitted for events at Common Grounds. No alcohol is allowed on CG property; as prohibited by law. Outside food may be brought in, but must be approved through the Venue Manager.

5) If any of your order details are not to your full satisfaction, please contact us immediately. It will be the client's responsibility to communicate it to our Venue Manager at Details of compensation can be discussed once communication occurs.

6) Pay full payment by the order date or invoice payments terms.

*Terms subject to change without notice*
Updated 07/05/17
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