2020 Winter Worlds Registration

Can You Receive Text Messages at this Number *
NO TEAM is locked into any division until their roster is approved for that division. If you have never played Freedom before we will use other associations data to determine which division you best fit into. *
You MUST register your team online at www.FreedomSports.com and add your players to the roster. You will need their Drivers License number to complete this. All rosters MUST be put online for 2020 and approved before you make any travel plans. We are NOT responsible if you book hotels and buy plane tickets before your roster is approved to play in the division you register for. *
All Division's Will Be Played in Myrtle Beach...All Games Played on the Turf Fields @ Grand Park (1004 Meyers Ave, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577) *
ALL ENTRY FEE's MUST be paid in FULL NO LATER THAN 3 Weeks before you play. The earlier you pay the higher on the list you will be. Teams will pick their spot on the bracket by draft. The draft list will be created by the paid entry fee list. The higher on the list you are, the earlier you will draft your spot which will give you the chance at the latest game times. *
2020 Entry Fee is $400, this does NOT include your 2020 Sanction Fee ($30 if not already sanctioned) and does NOT include any balls that may be needed. You MUST hit a Freedom Stamped ball. Balls are NOT provided and MUST be purchased at the field if needed. Balls will be for Sale at the Field ($7 each or $70 a Dozen) *
You MUST pay your Deposit ($200) or FULL Entry Fee ($400) to be locked into Winter Worlds. Deposit's & Entry Fee's are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!! *
Payment Options *
Deposits and Full Entry Fee's are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!! Credit Card Payments Call Larry @ 910-538-4743 Paypal Payments send via Family and Friends to Larry@Freedomsports.com Checks Mail to and payable to: Larry Usilton 712 The Cape Blvd. Wilmington, NC 28412 *
ALL Divisions (Except Men's Upper/Elite+ , Military & CO-ED Stars Division) Will Start Friday Night. Teams Must Be Ready to Play Friday Night if Needed (No Exceptions) *
By completing this form your team will be registered for the 2020 Winter Worlds. Your spot on the list is not locked in until your deposit or entry fee is paid however. All teams MUST have their entry fee paid in full (3) weeks prior to your event. *
There will be NO pre-event bat checks, but there will be random bat testing throughout the tournament based on Freedom Rules. *
ALL Teams Must Pay in FULL 3 weeks prior to your tournament date. *
ALL Teams Must Register their 2020 Roster Online at www.FreedomSports.com and click the Registration Link. You will need to also have your players First and Last Names along with their Drivers License Numbers as it all appears on their License to put your roster online. This must be APPROVED by Freedom Sports before you are locked into Any Division. PLEASE TEXT Larry Usilton (910) 538-4743 once you have your FULL Roster Completed online. *
No Division Approval will be given until a FULL and VALID roster with all Players Names and Drivers License Numbers are online and ready to be checked. DO NOT email a roster, text a roster, or text a director asking for player classifications. All Players should know where they have been playing over the past 2 years to give their coaches that information *
Do NOT make Travel Plans, Take Time Off From Work, Book Rooms or Purchase Plane Tickets without having your ROSTER APPROVED for the Division You Registered for!!!!! When your Roster is Approved, if you must Add Additional Players to it, it MUST be Re-Approved!!!! *