Winter Worlds Team Registration

Can You Receive Text Messages at this Number *
NO TEAM is locked into any division until their roster is approved for that division. If you have never played Freedom before we will use other associations data to determine which division you best fit into. *
Division *
Has Your Team Played Freedom Winter Worlds Before? 2017 Teams Per Division: Men's Lower (27) Men's Medial (76) Men's Comp (46) Men's Upper/Elite Combo (21) Coed Lower (34) Coed Upper (16) Women's (New Division for 2018) *
2018 we will accept a $250 deposit or full entry fee to lock your spot in on the list. The earlier you pay the higher on the list you will be. Teams will pick their spot on the bracket by draft. The draft list will be created by the paid entry fee list. The higher on the list you are, the earlier you will draft your spot which will give you the chance at the latest game times. *
2018 Entry Fee is $465, this includes your sanction fee and a dozen balls. For the Coed divisions your dozen balls will be split 6 mens and 6 womens. *
Deposits and Full Entry Fee's are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!! *
Payment Options *
Deposits and Full Entry Fee's are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!! Credit Card Payments Call Larry @ 910-538-4743 Paypal Payments send via Family and Friends to Checks Mail to and payable to: Larry Usilton 8227 Lakeview Dr. Wilmington, NC 28412 *
ALL Divisions (Except Men's Upper/Elite Combo) Will Start Friday Night. Teams Must Be Ready to Play Friday Night if Needed (No Exceptions) *
By completing this form your team will be registered for the 2018 Winter Worlds. Your spot on the list is not locked in until your entry fee is paid however. All teams MUST have their entry fee paid in full (3) weeks prior to your event. *
There will be NO pre-event bat checks, but there will be random bat testing throughout the tournament based on Freedom Rules. *
ALL Teams Must Pay in FULL 3 weeks prior to your tournament date. *