Foster Home Information

Are all of the animals in the household spayed/neutered? *
Are all of the animals in the household current on vaccinations? *
What items are you willing/able to provide to a foster dog?
(BEDR will provide any necessary items) *
Are you willing/able to provide food for your foster dog?

(BEDR has plenty of food that we can provide, and prefer to keep our dogs on a high quality dog food) *
Do you have a fully fenced yard? *
Do you own or rent your home? *
How long are you willing to provide foster care for? *
Rescue dogs have often been through a lot of stress and may not have had a stable environment.

We emphasize routine and training in a positive manner, using positive reinforcement training methods (resources can be provided).
We do NOT endorse or allow harsh corrections, choke or pinch collars, rolling, pinning, hitting or other punitive forms of training with any of our foster dogs.

Do you accept and agree to this? *
Do you feel that you can provide a routine and the necessary basic training in a positive manner?

(This may include, but is not limited to: basic house manners, crate training, building confidence in shy or fearful dogs, potty training, and some others) *
There are some basic behaviours we strive to achieve with all of our foster dogs. These include crate training, potty training, not jumping up to greet, and a sit command.

Can you commit to working on these behaviours with your foster dog? *
Are you able to attend an obedience class or private session with (or without) your foster dog, if needed? *
Are you able to take your foster dog to a veterinarian for medical care, spay/neuter, or vaccinations of needed?

(If not, arrangments can be made) *
Upon reciept of an application, it is reviewed by the directors. If it looks like a good fit, it is then forwarded to the foster home to review. Since the foster home will have the best idea of an individual dogs needs, we feel that contact between the applicants and the foster home is ideal.

Are you willing to act as a contact regarding your foster dog? *
If for any reason you are unable to keep the foster dog, you may notify Bright Eyes Dog Rescue, and we will make arrangements for the dog to be placed into another home.
Please be prepared to give your foster dog time to settle in. Do not expect them to want to play, or even interact with any other pets or even you to begin with. Some dogs are very scared or unsure when they move homes and need some time and personal space.
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