Adoption Application

Where did you learn about this dog and Bright Eyes Dog Rescue? (choose up to 3) *
Do you *
Are your pets all spayed/neutered? *
Have all your pets been vaccinated in the last 3 years? *
Are you prepared to deal with any behavior issues that arise (such as jumping up, pulling etc).  It will take the dog time to settle into it's new home and patience will be required with training issues.   *
Are you prepared for shedding, nose prints and paw tracks? *
May we contact your vet? *
Do you agree to license and give regular health care to this dog? *
Do you agree to take an obedience class with this dog? *
Do you agree to contact Bright Eyes Dog Rescue if you are unable to care for this dog? *
Do you agree to pay the adoption fee as set by BEDR? *
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