GWMS House 7-2 Student Reflection

This is a current reflection of my learning and academic progress.
My homebase teacher is... *
The reason/s for my success in this class are... (check all that apply) *
The reason/s I am struggling in this class are...OR...Ways I can challenge myself are... (check all that apply) *
I currently have missing assignments in the following class(es)... (check all that apply) *
Parents/Guardians: If you have any questions or concerns about your student's performance or the information they have provided in this reflection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Natalie Blatz, Special Education -
Thia Carminati, Social Studies -
Jennifer Derks, English Language Learners -
Mallory Dolter, Language Arts/Literature -
Samantha Hefel, Language Arts/Literature - 
Danny Kirst, Mathematics -
Heather Krow, Social Studies -
Jill Kult, Wellness -
Lauren Lieurance, Science -
Rick Loeffelholz, Wellness -
Megan Loes, Special Education -
Brenda Redfern, Health -
Dave Reel, Social Studies -
Katie Schramm, Music -
Nicole Sisler, Math Interventionist -
Laura Von Ah, Art - *
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