The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership is proud to host a virtual Job Club, a series of workshops designed to jump-start your employment. Despite the pandemic, there are still jobs available to those actively seeking employment. 

Job Club is free of charge and meets online via the Zoom platform. All participants must have access to the Zoom platform. 

Participating in the Job Club will help you address your goals and work towards becoming gainfully employed.  You will receive expert guidance and support to find out where the jobs are and how to get one.  You’ll also get direct placement support. 

The next Job Club session begins Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Each session ends with one-on-one personal coaching from a workforce expert who can help you with your employment goals and your resume. 

Through Job Club, anything that you think is holding you back from getting employed can be addressed successfully. 

To register to participate or for more information, please answer the following questions. Upon registration, you will be contacted by a member of the Job Club team to confirm your participation and to answer any of your questions.

Are you 18 or older?
Are you currently working?
What  American Job Center is closest to you? *
How can we reach you?
How do you prefer to communicate?
Are you available to attend online virtual Job Club sessions from 9:00 am to 10:30 am on the following dates? Tuesday, March 2; Thursday, March 4; Tuesday, March 9; Thursday, March 11; Tuesday, March 16; Thursday, March 18; Tuesday, March 23; Thursday, March 25. *
What is your gender?
How did you find out about the Virtual Job Club? *