Instructions: Thank you for providing a reference for a respondent to The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership’s recent Request for Proposals (RFP). Please fill in this form to the best of your abilities by 4pm Wednesday April 12, 2023.

WIOA Youth Request for Proposal Reference Form

Rate and comment on the respondent’s performance.




Respondent’s performance consistently exceeds expectations


Respondent’s performance consistently meets expectations


Respondent’s performance is mixed, is sometimes meeting expectations


Respondent’s performance is substandard, is not meeting expectations


Respondent has failed to perform entirely


Not applicable in the context of your relationship with respondent

Please rate the respondent's professional attributes: *
Responsiveness to requests
Meeting deadlines (e.g. for submitting reports or invoices)
Delivering expected outcomes under the contract or agreement
Quality of business services provided under the contract
Quality of jobseeker services provided under the contract
Administrative and financial management of program
Overall satisfaction with the respondent
Would you partner with or fund the organization again? *
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