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Excellence in Hardscape Awards

Excellence in Hardscape

Your work deserves a showcase!

Enter the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance, Excellence in Hardscape Awards. Awards are given for projects that showcase innovation, beauty and sustainability in the use of hardscape products in landscaping.  Award winning projects will be presented at a gala dinner in February of 2019. The award winning projects are showcased in a professional presentation. There is no cost to enter. Eligibility and submission details are included below.

Who is Eligible?
Any individual involved in the design, supply or construction of a landscaping project may participate. Participants need not be a member of the WMA, WLCA or WGIF.

What is Eligible?

1. Projects that feature concrete pavers, clay pavers, concrete retaining and garden wall units or natural stone products produced or supplied by a member of the WMA.

2. Projects completed within five years of the date of submission.

3. The project size only includes the hardscape portion of the project.  Each project may only be entered into one category for consideration. More than one project may be entered by the same applicant.

4. Entries that include and meet all entry requirements. Projects that do not meet these requirements will be eliminated from the judging.

A panel of industry professionals will be asked to select projects that accommodate hardscaping products in their inherent capacity to fulfill their role in establishing the landscape. Their decision will be made on overall excellence of design, creativity, functionality, selection and quality of hardscape materials, installation techniques, craftsmanship and finished appearance.

Participants will be informed by mail of the judges’ decision, and winners will be given adequate notice to receive their awards at an awards presentation sponsored by the WMA.

Presentation of Awards
An awards dinner will be held in in February of 2019. Selected images of the winning entries will be shown during the program. Details on the program will be provided to all participants.

Multiple Submissions
If you are entering multiple projects for consideration, you must enter them separately.

Submission Deadline: December 1st, 2018

Please review the rules and submission requirements carefully before submitting your project.

If you have questions, please call 800-377-0667 or email us at info@wma-online.org.

Online submission is encouraged. To submit online, please click "next" at the bottom of this page.
2018 Excellence In Hardscape
Gold Award
in Best Overall Front Yard /
Entrance Projects under 1,000 Sq. Ft.
Ground Affects Landscaping

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements
Projects that do not meet all of the following entry requirements will be eliminated from the judging.

1. Project description must be included, detailing job challenges, special characteristics and project goals. Do not include company names in the description.

2. A minimum of 5 and maximum of 10, high-resolution digital photos (minimum 300 dpi) must be provided.

3. Entry form (online submission preferred):

    Online: Complete the online entry form (including photos and description).

    By Mail: Mailed entries must include photos on CD-ROM and a printed project description mailed to the address below.
                      Excellence in Hardscape Awards
                      6737 W Washington St, Ste 4210
                      Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214

4. Submitting project design plans, including perspective, elevations, diagrams and details are recommended. An 11" x 17" format is preferred.  Copies are acceptable. In addition, you are encouraged to include 3-4 additional photos (any size) of the project before and during construction.

5. Submission deadline is December 1st, 2018.

Online submission is encouraged. To submit online, please click "next" at the bottom of this page.
2018 Excellence In Hardscape
Gold Award in Best Outdoor Living / Kitchen Project under 1,000 Sq Ft
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