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3D Animation with Blender (Ages 13-17)
Discover the tools and techniques that created movies such as Ice Age, Toy Story, and Kung Fu Panda. This introduction to the complex world of 3D animation will focus on modeling, texturing, and lighting. Using Blender, students will work hands on throughout each class, learning the ins and outs of the software and techniques. By the end of the program, each student will have completed the final class project: Spaceship Escape! Each student will create their very own space ship, space environment, and animate their ship through the stars!
3D Minecraft Animations with Blender (Ages 8-12)
In this class, students will learn how to create 3D animations and renders from Minecraft! Students will export their characters or environments and import them into Blender - an open sourced 3D Animation program. From there, they will learn how to use Blender’s powerful editing tools to create unique textures, colors, poses and more! This class will provide a foundation on how to use Blender for 3D Animation and modeling - and by the final class, feel comfortable taking their skills to a more advanced level!
Film & Visual FX with AfterEffects (Ages 13-17)
Compositing and VFX: Learn how to create special effects! Students will learn about the basics of compositing and visual effects by creating their own short film. They will use different techniques such as greenscreen, color correction, image stabilization, 2 point tracking, blending modes, stencils and more!



Introduction to Computer Programming (Ages 9-12)
This class is for beginners who are looking to dive into the world of coding. Students will work with a language called "Processing", which is a kids friendly version of Javascript. (based off of Java, C and more!) Processing is a visual, object-oriented computer programming language. This class will provide a solid foundation for understanding the logic and basics behind computer programming, such as variables, if/else conditions, loops and more!
Game Programming with Scratch (Ages 8-12)
Scratch is an amazing way to introduce kids to computer programming. This tile-based, visual programming class will provide kids with an introduction to the logic and syntax of programming through creating their own unique animated stories, interactive art and games that they will be able to share! Additionally, because Scratch is free to download, kids can practice at home in their spare time!
Game Programming with Scratch: Part II [Intermediate]
(Ages 8-12)

So, you've got the basics of Scratch down. Now it's time to move on to more advanced projects. This class will continue to explore more with creating animations, drawings, games, interactive art, math, sound effects and more! Students will use if/else conditionals, loops and more! Prior knowledge of Scratch basics is a prerequisite.
Game Programming with Java (Ages 13-17)
Java programming skills are some of the most in demand job skills in the job market  today, and what better way to learn Java than to program video games! Using a free  program called Greenfoot, students will discover the fundamentals of Java code and  theory. Students will execute trial and error, problem solving, logic, math, and thinking  outside the box in order to create their own video games that each can share with his  or her friends and family! Basic knowledge of algebra is recommended for this class.
Game Programming with Java PART II (Ages 13-17)
It's time to take what you've learned to the next level. In this class, students will use a program called "IntelliJ" and go into more advanced concepts, including: Java object oriented application building fundamentals, program debugging, testing, automated building and deploying with a focus on Minecraft Server plugins!
Root STEM Education Program (RSEP)
The focus of this program is on individualized education of "M" in STEM,  in an organic and technological environment. This program utilizes the innovative online application, Khan Academy. Each student has an individual profile that holds their activity information, used for determining if a student is ready to try something new. There is even a point and badge system that serves as an incentive for exploration and branching out to new ideas. This is not a one size fits all approach to math education, and there is a mathematician present to re-teach the same idea in multiple methods in case the Khan Academy platform fails. By the end of the program, all students will have a stronger root understanding of math and will present a Scientific Project to their peers and parents/guardians.


Robotics & Electronics!
(Ages 9-15)

This class will introduce you to electronics and how to operate and wire your very own microcontroller! You'll learn how to communicate with the Arduino and how to use its many input and output abilities to control motors, servos, lights, speakers, switches, and more! Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects and environments.


Graphic Design Part I: Photoshop (Ages 13-17)
This course will provide a foundation in creating graphics to be used for print material, web, social media, logos, and more! Master the different tools of Adobe Photoshop, including: gradient, fill, type, selection learn layering, blending modes, shapes, and paths. Create remarkable adjustments to images and design your own. You will be using Adobe Photoshop to learn the techniques and tricks to create stunning graphics.
Graphic Design: Illustrator (Ages 13-17)
Learn Graphic Design principles and concepts in this 8-week course. Among the topics covered will be: understanding vector graphics, CMYK and working with colors, the pen tool, working with curves, shapes, fills and strokes, swatches and gradients, working with layers, proper filemangement and more.


Interdisciplinary: Experience the Digital Arts (Ages 9-12)
This mixed digital arts program provides an opportunity to experience and experiment with various fields including 2D animation & visual effects, video production, graphic design, and music & sound effect production. Each student will work hands-on and gain foundational knowledge with the professional level hardware and software used in each area of study, including Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, iMovie, Blender, and GarageBand. The entire program is 100% hands on, and each student will experience working in our professional recording and video studios.

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