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Nutty Scientists Hudson Valley STEAM Camp 2024 Registration

Summer Camp Descriptions

The following SUMMER CAMPS are 1 week long camps M-F from July 15 to Aug 30, 2024. These sessions each repeat for 2-4 sessions.  Each runs 3 hours and age restrictions apply.  They all take place at Red Hook Community Center.
SPACE CAMP:  Attention Space Cadets: We are planning a mission to space and we need your help. You must build a rocket, learn to guide robotic rovers, design a habitat, and test landing systems for the return trip. We’ll need you to do experiments to learn about the conditions off-Earth. What happens in a vacuum? How cold is frozen carbon dioxide? You better find out! (Note: the last day of this camp will feature camper’s launching their model rockets at a nearby park)
The Space summer camp runs once in July (7/15-7/19) and repeats again in August (8/12-8/16).  For either week, you can select an earlier time slot 9-12pm for kids aged 5-8 or a later time slot 1-4 pm for kids aged 8-12.

Grab your magnifying glasses!  We are investigating the miniature world of our gardens!  Imagine you’ve been shrunk to the size of a lady bug!  What would you eat?  Will we wear bug goggles to see the world as they do!  Of course.  Will we create amazing terrariums to study their home lives?  You bet!  Every day we will meet a different live bug like butterflies, worms, bess beetles, rolly pollies and ladybugs.  Will you also become a bug?  Well no, but you may want to after this camp!

The Bugs & Butterflies summer camp runs for one week during July (7/22-7/26).  During that week, you can select an earlier time slot 9-12pm or a later time slot 1-4 pm.  This is for ages 5-8 years old.

This super fun camp features wacky science experiments that are …. kinda messy!  Make your own slime and homemade bubble gum!  Experiment with density and elephant toothpaste.  Have you ever popped fog bubbles from dry ice?  Prepare for a really big grin.

The Ooey Gooey summer camp runs for one week during August (8/5-8/9).  It is recommended for ages 5-8.  Our earlier time slot from 9-12pm  is full, but there is space in our 1-4 pm time slot.


Calling all superheroes!  We are in dire need of your help.  We must develop superpowers to protect the world’s inhabitants.  Can you make lightning with a Van De Graff Generator?  Can you cook food with a giant solar oven or spin turbines using steam?  With each mission, you will embark on quests to create alternative energy inventions like solar cars, wind turbines and hand cranked flashlights.  With create power comes great …. take home projects.

The Energy Heroes summer camp runs for one week during August (8/26-8/30).  It is recommended for ages 8-12.  You can select an earlier time slot 9-12 pm or a later time slot 1-4 pm for your child.

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These camps are one week sessions M-F for 3 hours each and age restrictions apply. Each camp is repeated several times (different sessions).  Camp is at Red Hook Community Center: 59 Fisk Street, Red Hook, NY 12571. Check which option(s) you would like to sign up for. Registration is required. Each camp costs $275. 
For each camp you choose, please select either morning or afternoon per child - no full days.  For siblings, if the age restrictions prevent them attending the same class, call us and we can discuss (845)802-3474.
Which camp are you looking to book? Type in number of registrations you would like for the camp you are interested in. For example, if you have two children 5-8 years old who would like to attend Ooey Gooey Science, type 2 next to the session of your choice and leave the other fields blank.
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In the event that a child becomes ill or injured, I give Nutty Scientists permission to provide medical care/treatment. If the situation warrants referral to a licensed physician or medical facility for further evaluation and treatment, we will attempt to contact the parent/guardian. If we are unable to contact the parent/guardian prior to necessary treatment, they will be notified as soon as possible after evaluation and treatment are completed. Medical providers will be instructed to send all bills directly to you.


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Standard Conditions of Enrollment

PAYMENT: Payment in full due at registration. Payment plans can be arranged for parents who book mutliple weeks. Contact or 845-802-3474 if needed.

ALLOWANCES/REFUNDS: I understand Nutty Scientists Programs have a no-refund policy on camp fees. All fees shall be deemed earned when paid. Nutty Scientists Programs do not issue refunds for any day or days your child is not in attendance during the course of the programs.

COVID PROTOCOL: Our practices and policies related to Covid-19 are subject to change as current guidelines from NYS, Dutchess County Health Department, and the CDC change. The health and safety of our campers, staff, and community is of the upmost importance to us. Please notify us about any COVID-19 exposure. Campers may be required to stay home or wear masks as guidelines require.

NO NUTS: Children are not permitted to bring peanuts or other tree nuts as snacks. This includes peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and pine nuts.

PARENT/GUARDIAN STATEMENT: I have carefully read these Conditions of Enrollment and the attached Registration Form. I fully understand and agree to comply with every detail. *