Direct Transfer Request

Requirements of Direct Transfers (must be able to meet all requirements):

  1. Be able to move into your new space during an assigned window of time on July 28, 2019. You will be given a four hour window of time to move all belongings from one space to another. Your assigned date will be determined by logistical demands; a specific date may not be requested.
  2. Be willing to take the new apartment/space AS-IS. This means that our staff will not do ANY cleaning, painting or preparing of the new space.  You will get the apartment EXACTLY as the departing resident left it.  Allowing direct transfers does not give us any time to prepare the space for a new resident.  Be sure you are willing to take the space exactly how the person before you left it, which may not be to your standards.
  3. Once moved into your new space, you will need to keep items stored in your bedroom or in cabinets so that staff will be able to work within your apartment during the August Transition period if there is a new resident moving into your apartment for the next lease term.


Due to operational and maintenance demands, and as discussed at your leasing appointment, few students will be approved for Direct Transfer. Transfer residents are strongly encouraged to make alternate housing arrangements for the July 27, 2019 – August 18, 2019, transition period.

I understand that by signing below, I must complete and submit this application to the SCC Leasing Office no later than Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 12 noon. I will be notified via email, whether or not I will be able to directly transfer into my new space. I understand that not all applications will be approved. Staff will examine individual needs and circumstances including classes, internships, and other extenuating circumstances. I further understand that if I am approved to directly transfer into my 2019-2020 unit, I am waiving my right to a fully prepared space.  I will follow the regulations and policies set forth by the SCC Management office during the direct transfer process.