Bike Registration Form

Are you moving into the Courtyards for Fall 2021 *
Bike Information
By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have registered with the Department of Transportation Services before registering with The Courtyards at UMD.  You also acknowledge:
- You understand that this is a 1 year permit that is non-transferable and is only valid for use at the bike racks within the selected property.
- You understand that this permit does not entitle you to park your bike at signs, trees, refuse containers, or any object other than a bike rack.  
- You understand that if your bike is illegally parked it will be removed and impounded at your expense.  If left unclaimed for 30 days, it will be discarded.  
- You agree to display your permit at all times.
- You agree to keep only 1 bike at the Courtyards 
Once your registration is processed, you will receive your permit as a logged package.  Pick up your package with your permit at your service desk and attach to your bike as shown below.