South Campus Commons

Charge Appeal Form

Damage charges may be appealed by the resident under the following circumstances:

-          The charge was applied in error
-          You have additional information / documentation regarding responsible party
-          A resident is taking responsibility for charges applied to another account (Responsible party must
           complete “Charge Responsibility form”).

*Appeals will not be accepted from guarantors or any other party on behalf of the resident. Each resident must appeal their own damage.  Appeals will not be accepted from an individual on behalf of all residents in an apartment. 

You will receive an email to confirm the appeal has been received.  Resident will be contacted once a decision has been reached.  The process can range from 7 to 30 days depending on volume and the complexity of the appeal investigation.  During this time, any documentation on file will be referenced in conjunction with resident submitted documentation. 

Please note; submission of an appeal does not negate the resident’s responsibility to pay.  Should the resident be found not-responsible for the charge, a credit will be issued, and a refund mailed (for past residents).  Accounts not paid in accordance to the lease and its deadlines are subject to submission to collection agency and credit reporting.  The accounting and appeals processes are independent.  Payment of your charge does not influence the outcome of an appeal in any way.