Sabbath Key Request Form

Sabbath keys are issued to SCC residents who require them for religious purposes
Sabbath Key Usage Guidelines
- Sabbath keys should only be used for the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. Use outside of these times will jeopardize your abilitiy to possess a Sabbath Key.
- The Sabbath key can be used in the exterior main entrance doors and most interior doors of your building.
- Giving your Sabbath key to someone who does not have authorization to use the key is a violation of university policy and could result in disciplinary action
- The key should only be used on the Sabbath and holidays. Use of the key during other times will cause the door alarm to sound, and will be disruptive to the community.
Sabbath Key Return Procedure
You must plan to return the Sabbath key to your service desk when checking out of your apartment and no later than the last day of your lease.
- If a Sabbath key is not returned to your service desk by the final day of your lease you will be assessed a replacement fee.
If you lose your Sabbath Key:
- If you lose your Sabbath key, it is your responsibility to immediately report the loss to the Management office.
- Loss of your key will result in a replacement fee being assessed to your resident account.
  The cost varies per building:
       Building 1: $515                                Building 5: $272
       Building 2: $262                                Building 6: $272
       Building 3: $334                                Building 7: $393
       Building 4: $255
Please contact the Management Office at (301) 314-2499 or if you have any questions and/or concerns.
Submitting this form verifies that the resident understands the above Sabbath Key Guidelines.  You will be contacted via phone when you may pick up your Sabbath key. You will sign to ackowledges receipt and respobsibility of the Sabbath Key at your service desk upon approval. 
Resident Information: