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IPAutoSearch is a unique, new, automated computer system that is designed to find and analyze solid investment properties. These proprietary technologies were originally developed to analyze other financial investments, primarily the US stock market. Now these same analysis tools have been applied real estate investments.
The IPAutoSearch system automatically searches multiple, web-based data sources (conventional listings along with HUD, Fannie Mae, REO and foreclosure sites, FSBO listing sites, and more), looking for the best investment candidates -- both rentals and flips. Every day, these automated computer systems review every property that is available for purchase in your selected location -- listed and 'off-market' properties, relisted and price reductions, government foreclosures, REO, and FSBO homes, and every other piece of real estate the computer can find. The system automatically checks the county appraised values for each property, then also calculates its own accurate ARV/comp values, repair budget/estimates, neighborhood value trends, estimated rent values and cap rate, price to value ratios, ROI, and more. You are automatically notified via email every day with the details on just the best investment properties, newly available in your area that day. It's like having your own IT department, coupled with a room full of administrative/marketing/research assistants, all working 24x7 to find you the best investments.
The best part. . . . There is nothing to download. No software or apps to install or maintain. No data entry or other work involved. And the data service is free. No cost or obligation. IPAutoSearch is a complementary service provided to you by our vendor/service provider partners.
Important note: We are independent information technology professionals / data service providers only. Just a bunch of computer geeks and bean counters. We have no ownership or other financial interest in any of the real estate that is analyzed by the computer systems. We do not earn any form of compensation from real estate transactions.

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You have the option to 'Private-Label' the investment property data reports. Private labeling means that your business information appears on each of the IPAutoSearch property lists, delivered daily to hundreds of our IPAutoSearch real estate investors, along with your clients and prospects. It is a highly effective sales tool with many options for customizing the content and delivery. Check it out.
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There are many new system improvements and upgrades on the way. If you're an active investor or new and just learning about real estate, you might want to stick around a while longer. The IPAutoSearch data service will always be free, with new investment tools, resources, properties, geographic locations, and and data sources being added every month.
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