Thank you for choosing to join Graphic Arts Alliance (GAA). As a GAA Advantage member you have the right to leave the group and receive a full refund of your membership dues at any time for any reason during the first 12 months of your membership, which starts the day you submit this form and we receive payment of your $250 annual membership dues. 

This form enables you to join at the Advantage Membership Level. By checking the box below, you are agreeing to the Conditional Membership Agreement (which you can review by clicking on the link). At the end of your 12 month Conditional Membership, if you wish to continue to participate in the group, you must become a Full Member by signing our Full Member Operating Agreement and Bylaws. There are no risks or additional obligations associated with becoming a Full Member, however since it requires you to read through and consent to all of our bylaws, we find that most companies prefer to keep things simple and to start their membership as a Conditional Member. That way you can experience some savings before deciding to become a Full Member.

You may become a Full Member of GAA at any time during your Conditional Membership at no additional cost.  Please contact Wendy Romig at (267)209-0185 or

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