Team Time Registration

The space is free and is part of #PlaySFYS


How it works - Teams select and register for their preferred date(s) and time(s).

SFYS will provide you access to BowNets for game play.

The field - There is space for 4 teams per hour at Paul Goode and any SFYS league team can use it. If the field is open for 3 hours, you may use it for 3 hours!

Why - Play is important for players to love, experience, and enjoy the game of Soccer. The space that SFYS has made available is addressing that for the players.

Team Information

My team is *

Team Contact

Player Clinic RSVP

March Field Time
Saturday, March 9 *
Saturday, March 16 *
Saturday, March 30 *
April Field Time
Saturday, April 6 *
Saturday, April 13 *
Saturday, April 20 *
Saturday, April 27 *
May Field Time
Saturday, May 4 *
Saturday, May 11 *
Saturday, May 18 *

Hitting submit will confirm your usage of the field at the time (s) requested.
Visit the program page to find the link to see what other teams have also registered to use the space.
Then, use the field space to practice to play against each other.
Lastly, take pictures and send them to SFYS, please!