SFYS Leagues Fall 2018 Schedule Request Form


Season Begins : Saturday, September 8th, 2018
  • Games may be scheduled on Saturdays and/or Sundays
  • Field allocations can be across both weekend days

    • No Games will be scheduled the weekend of October 6 - 7 for any SFYS league (Blue Angels, Hardly Strictly, Columbus Day long weekend)
    • Recreational Teams : Regular season is 7 weeks, ending weekend October 20/21. 
    • Upper House Teams : Regular season is 8 weeks, ending weekend October 27/28. 
    • Playoffs: To accomodate playoffs (of 2 or 3 games), YOU WILL HAVE A GAME SCHEDULED on the weekends of November 3rd, 10th and possibly the 17th. There are no bye requests or reschedules on these dates.
Championship Games and Season Close : Saturday, November 17th or Sunday, November 18th, 2018

How This Form Works
The Schedule Request lets us know if there is a specific weekend or time of day which would require your team to forfeit. This is not a wish list. We only want to know about early or late games for specific days because of school carnivals, religious holidays, SSAT testing, etc. - situations which would compromise the ability to field even the required team minimum. If your team has some players participating in other sports or activities, set their expectations that they will either need to miss some games or reschedule their other activities.  Only serious conflicts - which affect the whole team, not just a coach or a single player - will be considered in our league scheduling. 

The online request form allows a team to:

  • request one specific date/time request
  • notify SFYS of all-season conflicts (like religious commitments)
  • in exchange for volunteering, identify two teams with same head coach that ideally would not conflict
One submission per team. 
    PRIOR RESPONSES WILL BE DELETED, so make sure to include all relevant information if this is a re-submission.

  • This form may be completed until 7/15
For the Fall 2018 schedule this is my team's: *

Fall Team Gender
(Mixed teams play in the boys division)
Fall Division *
Fall 2018 Team Grade Level (REC) *

Is this a School Team? *

If your Head Coach coaches another team, you must provide the Team Name and Affinity Team ID of the other team. S/he must also be rostered as Head Coach on the other team or we cannot offset the teams. 
Important Considerations
  • It is not possible for the scheduler to accommodate a conflict between more than two Rec or Upper House teams with the same Head Coach. Do not ask us to offset more than two teams. We cannot do it.

  • It is NOT possible to accommodate conflicts with Travel teams (CCSL/NorCal) or Microsoccer teams. We do not control those schedules. Requests of this type will not be considered.

  • At least one of the conflict teams will need to have an alternative (minimumly) F-Licensed Asst. Coach because conflicts will occur.

  • It is impossible to manage every request. Priority is given to teams which volunteer for the SFYS. Let us know how you intend to contribute in exchange for special consideration by completing the Volunteer Assignment field inputs below.  (If you are already a volunteer coach, let us know that too.)  
In exchange for team conflict offset, is someone from your team willing to significantly volunteer with the SFYS? *

In exchange for coach conflict consideration, our Team League Volunteer is willing to : *

CONFLICT Team Gender *

Confirm the rosters for both teams and check the appropriate box below: * 
Coach Conflict Acknowledgement * 

Fall season is Soccer Season! Going to be out of town? Get a guest coach. Going to be a player short? Arrange for a guest player. The only compulsory byes are those that result in the schedule because of an odd number of teams in your bracket or not having enough fields for games. In instances where an entire team will be affected by a school event, SFYS will make every effort to accommodate.
  • All Teams are allowed to request ONE date + time request
  • Upper House teams may only request ONE tournament bye.
  • Teams that miss more than one game during league play are NOT ELIGIBLE for Playoffs.
  • Teams must notify SFYS of a conflict or bye need via this form in advance of scheduling. Requests made outside of this form submission are neither guaranteed nor free of charge. 

There are two kinds of single day conflicts - the one-off kind (for a school carnival, for example) and the full season (some teams have a set of players with common commitments like Saturday morning language classes). Preference to play on a certain (time of) day will not be taken into account without legitimate reason, so be specific in your explanation for the request.
As ever, no guarantees, but we will make every effort.
Note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to accommodate all and so volunteers and teams in excellent standing will take priority.

ALL SEASON  Recurring Player Conflict  GAME TIME REQUEST
Is there a full season conflict that affects the fielding of your team at a certain time of day? *
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Does your team have a game TIME request for a SPECIFIC DATE: *
On your specific date, what specific time of day is the conflict? *
We need this special consideration because *
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We are requesting an in-season Tournament BYE * 
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If my team has conflicts after the final schedule is posted,
I understand that the following applies: *