School Soccer!

SFYS is committed to serving the Youth of San Francisco and creating as many opportunities as possible to play Soccer. With that in mind, 'SFYS School Soccer' was initiated in January of 2017 and continues to impact children across the City.

​Did you know that you can get SFYS into your school for lunch time or after school soccer?
​We'll come 1 day per week, or every couple of weeks (depending on demand across the city) to be on the grounds at lunch time. We set up several small-sided game fields and encourage the kids to just play. A big push for us with SFYS is to promote the free play element, which gives more kids confidence and exposure to the game and ultimately leads to more kids playing in the structured team environment.

Your Information

School Information

SFYS can run soccer on:
On any surface - grass / blacktop / play ground.
At any time - lunch time / after school / before school?
With any grade - Availability depends on SFYS staff and school timing / child availability.
Any day - We already have schools scheduled so if you fit, we'll make it work!
I know someone at the school that you can connect with to get this set up. *
SFYS will follow up with you and the school contact shortly.
Thank you so much for communicating with us!