SFYS Junior Coach Request Form

Coaches / Managers,
Please use this form to submit your request for a Junior Coach (JC) to assist with your team this season.
The program began in the summer with summer clinic training and the JC commitment is to 10 hours of volunteer coaching with teams, like yours.
The rostered, livescanned, head coach must be at the practice with the JC. Insurance demands this.
The JC will come to you, but please note that their schedules may conflict with your request. We have ideas to make this work for all, but please understand it may not work.
Once practice / game schedules are confirmed, and JC schedules are confirmed, teams will be paired with a JC, via Lee Dunne.
Thank you for giving our next generation of coaches this opportunity with your players!

Team Information

If you do not know your practice information yet, please complete this form when you do.
The JC will be present for the entire practice but the level of involvement will be determined between Lee, the Head Coach, and the JC. Remember, they are not there to cover when the coaches are out of town.
After each practice, the Head Coach is responsible for submitting feedback to Lee Dunne.
Feedback is essential for program development and for JC development also.
I understand that, by checking this box, I will complete the required feedback document on the JC post practice. *

Head Coach Information

Level of involvement from the JC *
I accept a connection, via email, with the JC assigned to my team *

Final Notes

The goal of the JC program is provide opportunity for young Soccer enthusiasts’ to get into coaching, gain experience, gain professional licensing, and remain involved in the best game in the world.

The objective of the program is to create the next generation of soccer coaches in the city that can continue to provide opportunities for players to learn and play.

The Head Coach and team role in this is to be a part of the JC's development. The Head Coach will provide their guidance, tips, feedback, and players will be responsible for being there to play and have fun!

I have read and understand the JC program goals and objectives and will support this program to benefit the JC and the soccer players of San Francisco. *