San Francisco Vikings Soccer League

Guest Coaching Notification

SAY Soccer rules allow any coach with a current, valid coaching pass to substitute coach, or guest coach, as long as their coaching pass is from the same home league (SFYS, MYSL) as the team they are helping out.

This registration is valid only for one game at a time. You must do it prior to the game, and for every time you have a guest coach.
What league is this for? *
Head Coach and Playing Team

Guest Coach
  • Introduce yourself to the opponent and referee, and identify yourself as a Guest Coach. Show them the confirmation email generated by this form. 
  • Bring your regular Coaching Pass.
  • Fair Play Discipline will fall on BOTH the head coach and the guest coach.
  • Make sure you report scores after the game (often with substitute coaches this gets forgotten).
  • Misuse of this privilege or failure to follow correct procedure will incur disciplinary action.

When you click "submit," an email will be sent to both the Head Coach and the Guest Coach. The Guest Coach should print the email and bring it to the game - along with her or his Coaching Pass.

CODE: 4673