Complete the following form to declare your intent to register a team for Fall 2020 
     - Submit necessary information required for us to configure the registration system
     - Complete one form for each team 
     - Registration opens one week after Shelter-in-Place lifted
* No money is due at this time. 
We are still evaluating internally the best way to make registration financially risk-free for player families. If Fall Season cannot commence, registration payments will be refunded (or not charged in the first place). 
* Completing this form does not obligate a team to participate, but player registration cannot commence without the information. Completing this form is required in advance of player registration.
For Fall 2020, this form is: *
League of Registration *
Completing this form does NOT secure you a spot in any Fall playing league.
It is only the first step. Your responses below declaring your Intent to Play in one of the SFYS house leagues (SFYS Recreational, SF Competitive Upper House, SFYS Varsity) or the CalNorth CCSL Coast & Bay Travel League are necessary for us to prep the required registration systems and meet compliance requirements.
Cost to play Fall soccer with SF Youth Soccer is same as previous years and posted on the Team Management page of our website. Note: For Fall 2020, returning SFYS players will receive an automatic $20 reduction to account for the missed Spring season.
Pre-Acknowledgement for Participation in SFYS Fall House Leagues or CCSL Coast & Bay *

Recreational teams are school grade-based and
Competitive teams follow the US Soccer standard of divisions by birth year. 
The new SFYS Varsity league is considered Competitive.
Determine your team Fall Playing Age Group based on the FALL 2020 grade or age of the oldest player on your team. This means that if most of your players are in 2nd grade this Fall, except that one will be in 3rd grade, your Rec team will be playing in the 3rd grade age group. Competitive teams should have a roster of players all with the same birth year (though younger players are permitted to roster on an older team).
Reminder: SFYS doesn't run specific coed brackets, so mixed gender teams will play in the boys' flights.
Fall Team Gender * 🛈
Fall Team Division *
IMPORTANT : Team Names must be UNIQUE and use the following naming conventions:
  • Teams are not guaranteed any name, even if they are returning. First come, first served.
  • Rec teams must have grade - [team name], the spaces are crucial
    (example: 2nd - Midnight Madness)
  • Upper House and CCSL Travel teams must have birth year and gender in team name
    (example, Birth Year 2008 - Team Name: Sunset Stars 08B)
  • Teams with the same names will be given adjectives / colors to create unique names
    (Miraloma THUNDER Dragons / AVS Aviators BLUE)
Do all or most of your players attend the same school? *
Fall Team Club Affiliation *
How is your team connected to the club? *

Is this Fall 2020 team New or Returning to SFYS? * 🛈
Current / Previous League(s) of Play (check all that apply) *

This person can be a Team Manager, a Coach or a Club Administrator,
but will be the main point of contact between SF Youth Soccer and
the team during the registration and pre-season process.

This person (or people) will have permission to accept players, authorize transfers
and drops, manage rosters from the back end. It can be a coach or a club
registrar, but we recommend having a non-coach Team Manager to help coordinate
all the behind-the-scenes coordination and communication.

Who is your Team Manager? *

This person will have permission to accept players, authorize transfers
and drops, manage rosters from the back end. While a person may assistant
coach multiple teams, s/he may only be Head Coach on two teams.

Who is your Head Coach? *

This person must be a parent or guardian of a player on the team.
The representative must not be compensated by this team or any other
soccer organization and may be the designated representative for this
team only. The Team Parent / Voting Representative does not have to be
declared at the time of the Intent, but MUST be declared by the team 
registration deadline. Teams without a unique parent representative 
will not be bracketed or scheduled. 

(Not applicable for MYSL League Guest Teams)
(Not applicable for CCSL Travel Teams)
Team Parent Voting Rep Acknowledgement *

All Teams must provide one volunteer adult who serves as a Specially
Trained Assistant Referee (STAR).The Team STAR does not have
to be declared at the time of the Intent, but must be declared by
the team registration deadline. Teams without a STAR by the deadline
will not be bracketed or scheduled.

Team S.T.A.R. Acknowledgement *
Team Star Training *

Team Participation Commitment *

If it is possible for SFYS to host this summer - Would your team like to participate in our pre-season Jamboree for incoming SFYS 2nd and 3rd grade teams? (Additional Cost: $0 - Date: TBD) More information *
Will your team be participating in an August tournament? *

Name of Person Completing this Form *