Use this form if you would like to securely submit a credit card for payment of an existing booking. Please see Consumer Disclosure Notice at
American Express
I agree that cancellation of any deposited booking by the client may result in an agency cancellation fee of up to $200 in addition to any possible penalties by the supplier. If this cancellation penalty is assessed, I agree to pay it PRIOR TO cancellation of the booking. *
I am aware that Travel Protection is available through the provider and/or John Hancock Insurance and that it is my decision as to whether to purchase it or not. *
If traveling outside the continental U.S. borders, I am aware that I am required to submit a negative Covid-19 test to the airlines within 3 days of my return to the continental U.S., at my own cost. I am also aware that should the test return a positive result, I am responsible for all costs for the quarantine period extension until I can return. including any airline change fees, additional room and board and meals. *
Agent working with you *
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