This is an outline of the topics that the Leadership Executive Teams should cover at every monthly meeting. There also will be current ad-hoc issues that the team will need to discuss.  Reports are to be submitted withing 24 hours of the Leadership Team Meeting.

  1. Discuss the chapter’s goals for the number of a) members, b) visitors and c) referrals.  Evaluate the progress achieved toward meeting these goals, consistent with what has been reviewed and agreed to with your Director.  Discuss other activities or steps that the chapter will take toward meeting these goals.


  1. Record chapter progress toward meeting these goals:
No. of Members in the chapter
No. of Visitors in the month
No. of Referrals per member per week


  1. Update the Chapter most- wanted list of the chapter’s most wanted 5 to 10 business categories. Have the Membership Committee announced and posted the most wanted list as part of the weekly Membership Committee report.  Email this list to your Director.


  1. The Vice-President circulates the last Membership Committee meeting minutes and summarizes their decisions/actions relating to: applications, pending renewals, member participation, contentious disputes, etc.  Contentious disputes are kept confidential within the Membership Committee.
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