2020 Fall Session II Classes

Middle School & High School 7-12

Welcome to the Fall Session II 2020 - Vet Skills Extravaganza!


Join us for a weekly break from the boring everyday as we learn some essential veterinary skills!

 Our classes are perfect for all students, Pre-K through 12th grade, who love animals, science and learning. 

  This session will run from the week of October 26 through the week of November 23

***Please note - There will be no classes on November 26-27 for Thanksgiving

(makeups will be December 3-4)***


Check out this session’s class schedule:


Week 1: **Residents, Interns** Vet Tech Skills Lab I

Learn about the tools our techs take on the road with them and how they are used!

Week 2: Suturing Lab

In this exciting hands-on lab, students will suture using real materials to close wounds on simulated patients. 

Week 3: Sterile Procedures

Keeping things sterile avoids life threatening problems. Students will learn about sterility, participate in a lab on surgical prep and practice our sterility in a mock procedure where they will dress up and play vet!


Week 4: **Residents, Interns** Check-in and Discharge 

Information is key when it comes to veterinary surgery. The check in and discharge process provides both the veterinarian and the owner with information regarding the patient.  Students will learn about the check in and discharge process during a surgery day in a veterinary hospital.

Week 5: Microscopes 101

Microscopes are invaluable tools to a veterinarian.  Students will learn about what microscopes are and what they do to assist veterinarians practice medicine.  Students will have the opportunity to use actual microscopes during this lesson.

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Grades 7-8: The Interns & Grades 9-12: The Residents
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