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Wednesday Pre School Classes
Winter  2024
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Wednesday Mornings               from 10:00-11:00                  Ages 3-5
Our Pre School Class provides students the opportunity to learn about and  interact with our animal friends in a warm, supportive, small-group environment.  Our teachers tailor the lessons to the students' needs and abilities.  
Each Session includes all new lessons and content!
Winter Session I Starting December 13th runs through January 17th
Session II runs from January 31st through February 28th (discount for registering for both sessions)
During this session of classes your Pre Schoolers will learn all about how animals survive the winter!
Session I Class topics:
week 1: Gentle Animal Handling - students learn how to properly and safely hold all the animals at VIT
week 2: Animal Track Detective: Students will discover what animals are active through the winter months by looking at the footprints they leave behind.
week 3: Snowy Animals - We will dig a little deeper into our active winter friends by studying the adaptations that keep animals safe through the winter.
week 4:  Adaptations:  Students will play a game to discover different animal adaptations and how they help animals survive.
week 5: Body Coverings - How does a big furry coat keep a bear warm?  Why does a tortoise live in a shell?  How is the bearded dragon skin different from the leopard gecko skin?  Your preschoolers will learn all this and more!

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