Summer Camps

Vets In Training 2020 Summer Camps 


Weekly rate: $420, includes field trip costs and a camp t-shirt.


Week 1:   Companion Animals & Us

June 22nd - 26th

Gain a deeper understanding of the needs of our  beloved companion animals and how to best meet those needs.

Week 2:  Intro to Veterinary Sciences 

June 29 - July 3rd

Want to be a veterinarian when you grow up? Just love animals and want to understand them better? Join us for this fun, hands-on week-long look into what veterinarians do and why and explore anatomy using interactive models.

Week 3:  Intermediate Veterinary Sciences  

July 6th - July 10th

Continue broadening your understanding of veterinary science through hands-on skills labs, surgery observation, interactive models, optional dissection, and lots of help from our VIT animals!

Week 4:  Advanced Veterinary Sciences

July 13th - July 17th

This week is a deeper examination of veterinary science. Learn advanced suturing and dissection techniques, observe surgeries in the veterinary hospital, and much more!

Week 5:  Art With Animals

July 20th - July 24th

Explore your artistic side with a week of animal-themed projects, while enjoying time with our furry (and scaly) friends!

Week 6:  Exotics and Endangered Animals

July 27th - July 31st

In-depth examination of the exotic animals at VIT and what it takes to be their owner and their veterinarian. Campers will also learn about the plight of endangered animals everywhere. Includes a special talk and Q&A with HousePaw’s own exotics vet.

Week 7:  Compassion to Animals

August 3 - August 7th

Put your love of animals into action! Interact with the VIT animal crew while experience the joy of bettering the lives of animals through awareness and service.

Week 8:  Marine Animals

August 10th - August 14th

71% percent of our Earth is water! Learn about the fascinating creatures that inhabit these oceans, lakes, and rivers through science experiments, interactive lessons, and animal examinations.

Week 9:  Animals & Agriculture

August 17th - August 21

Learn more about the friendly farm animals at VIT and examine planting and composting with and for animals!

Week 10:  Say Goodbye to Summer!

August 24th - August 28th

Join the crew at VIT as we celebrate the last week of summer with lots of hands-on learning, crafts, surgery observation, and all the animal time you can handle

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Week 1:   Companion Animals & Us
June 22-26
Week 2:  Intro to Veterinary Sciences
June 29-July 3
Week 3:  Intermediate Veterinary Sciences
July 6 - July 10
Week 4:  Advanced Veterinary Sciences
July 13 - July 17
Week 5:  Art with Animals
July 20 - July 24
Week 6:  Exotics and Endangered Animals
July 27 - July 31
Week 7:  Compassion to Animals
August 3 - August 7
Week 8:  Marine Animals
August 10 - August 14
Week 9:  Animals & Agriculture
August 17 - August 21
Week 10:  Say Goodbye to Summer! 
August 24 - August 28

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