Winter Camp Days

No school? No problem! 
Vets in Training is running fun full-day programs on days when schools are closed.  We will have lots of
hands-on educational experiences focused on animal science and veterinary care.
Our unique program integrates our animal friends, veterinarians, and experienced educators to get kids excited
to learn about the natural world!
December 27th
December 28th
January 15th MLK Day
February 19th Presidents Day
For Kids in Kindergarten up to 6th Grade
Students 13 & up with VIT experience may apply to be a CIT for the day. 
Email Kim at to sing up as a CIT
9:00 am-3:30pm
Early care option: 7:30am-8:30am $15
Late care option: 3:30pm-5pm $15
Kids 13 or older?
Experienced CIT's are welcome! 
Email Miss Kim at to inquire.
Christmas and Holiday Crafts on 27th and 29th
Philanthropy and animal outreach on 1/15
Historical fun on 2/29
Example of a Camp Day Schedule
9:00-9:30 intro and team building
9:30-10:30 animal care and salads
  Miss Cat
10:30-10:45 snack
  All Creatures
10:45-11:30 Miss Kim
11:30-12:00 first animal time
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:45 Habitats
  Mr Rick
1:45-2:15 second animal time
2:15-3:15 pet first aid
  Miss Katie
3:15-3:30 wash up and dismissal

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